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How Does A Tooth Extraction Help Care For Your Smile? 

Tooth extractions can be a terrifying concept to think about, but tooth extractions are considered one of the essential procedures that can be performed for your oral health. Tooth extractions work to remove the affected tooth from your mouth through a simple, painless procedure and are considered one of the best ways to improve your oral health. While the process may seem intimidating, there are many good reasons that you may need a tooth extraction.

How Does A Tooth Extraction Help Care For Your Smile? 

If your dentist stated you need a tooth extraction, it’s probably for a good reason – one of the main reasons tooth extractions are performed is to protect your oral health from further harm and prevent issues from causing further problems. In severe oral health problems, compromised teeth can quickly degrade your oral health over time. Some of the main reasons tooth extractions are needed include the following: 

  • Poor, Unhealthy Tooth Structure: Chipped or even mildly cracked teeth are usually a case for repair. However, severely broken or fractured teeth can lead to nerve irritations throughout the tooth’s roots and pose a higher risk of infection when left uncared for. If your tooth doesn’t have a sturdy, healthy tooth structure, then a tooth extraction will be needed in these cases. 
  • Tooth Infections and Disease: Cavities are often one of the most prominent tell-tale signs of an unhealthy mouth but are often the most ignored problem by people today. Cavities can spread bacteria to the other teeth over time, which in turn can lead to infections throughout the gums, tooth pulp, and jawbone. In order to preserve your smile as much as possible, tooth extractions will be needed if the cavity or infection is too severe to be treated conservatively. 
  • Tooth Impactions and Misalignments: Wisdom teeth are often the first teeth to go, and that’s because wisdom teeth are usually impacted. Impacted teeth cause the adjacent teeth to shift over time because there’s not enough room in the mouth to support them, leading to misalignments, jawbone problems, and a higher risk of cavities. 

If your dentist recommended a tooth extraction, then know that you’re in good hands. Your dentist should always inform you about the reasons for your procedure, the risks involved, the procedure itself, and how to care for your teeth during your recovery. Most of all, they should provide you with plenty of options to help restore your mouth back to health. Your dentist should be able to provide you with all of the treatments you need to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. 

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