Placement Techniques for Dental Veneers

Veneers and Laminates

Dr. Karl is an expert veneer and laminate dentist who provides dental veneers for restoring damaged teeth. She aims to transform her patient’s smile, and at St Clair Dental, we often treat patients with various dental concerns. Dental veneers, also known as laminates, cosmetically enhance the appearance of teeth by acting as thin shells. These shells reshape broken and irregular teeth by bonding to the surface. These veneers provide patients with a solution for discolored teeth, especially ones with intrinsic stains that don’t respond to tooth whitening treatments. Veneers create a natural, tooth-like appearance, resist stains, and is well-tolerated by the gums.

Did you know…

Veneers are considered by dentists and patients to be a conservative makeover for smiles. Veneers are the go-to procedure for its ability to create brighter, whiter smiles without sacrificing costs. They’re typically popular with celebrities, they create symmetry within the mouth, and its affordability makes it easy for anyone to get dental veneers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I qualified for dental veneers or laminates?

Veneers can help you in many ways because they can be applied to many dental situations. Some may want that Hollywood smile, and others may want to repair their chipped teeth. Veneers can be used to replace treatments for crowns and caps, help replace gaps between teeth, and cover broken, chipped, and irregularly shaped teeth. To find out more, contact Dr. Karl to schedule a consultation.

What should I know about dental veneers?

Veneers have to be bonded to the tooth to be considered a permanent restoration, meaning that Dr. Karl will have to remove some of the enamel of the tooth, about half a millimeter from the surface, to bond the veneer to the tooth. This procedure will normally be done under local anesthesia, and once parts of the enamel are removed, you’ll need to bite into a mold to form the veneer impression. That impression will be sent to a dental lab for fabrication, and then once the veneers are ready, Dr. Karl will fit them onto your teeth and shape them as needed.

What post-treatment instructions will I need to care for my veneers?

Because of the nature of veneers, there are no special requirements needed for aftercare. You can brush and floss as normal without any worry. You may experience some oversensitivity due to the enamel removal procedure beforehand, but this is normal. We hope that you experience joy with your new smile from St. Clair Dental when you visit us.