Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

At St. Clair Dental, we improve patient’s smiles through some of the most beautiful arts of general and cosmetic dentistry, meaning we have multiple tools at our disposal to give you a smile you’ve always wanted. Dr. Karl recommends teeth whitening treatments for its affordability, higher chance to improve confidence, and its ability to remove harder to brush extrinsic stains that are caused by normal foods such as coffee, tea, and soda. Teeth whitening procedures are considered to be some of the most aesthetically pleasing cosmetic treatments among patients. According to the American Dental Association, they can remove and brighten a patient’s smile from 5 to 10 shades within a single session.

Did you know…

Compared to over-the-counter treatments, professional treatments use more potent whitening agents that deliver faster, more effective results. Because teeth naturally darken as we age, stains can accumulate over the years, especially in combination with certain foods, beverages, medications, and other habits. Whitening sessions can erase the darker, yellowed stains from a smile by using stronger versions of peroxide-based bleaching agents. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry recommends professional whitening treatments in combination with at-home treatments and basic oral care for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I qualified for teeth whitening treatments?

Any discoloration you experience with your teeth can be considered one of the primary reasons for candidacy, especially if you otherwise have healthy teeth and gums. If you are pregnant, sensitive to whitening agents, had previous restorations in the past, or under the age of 16, you will not be a candidate for teeth whitening. Contact Dr. Karl to learn more about our teeth whitening procedures.

What should I know about teeth whitening treatments?

Any teeth whitening treatment performed by Dr. Karl will take the maximum amount of care to remove all debris and polish your teeth to natural health. After cleaning and polishing your teeth, Dr. Karl will protect your gums with a rubber dam before applying any whitening agent to the surface of your teeth. Once activated and left for several minutes, the product will be washed off, and the treatment will be complete. The shade of your tooth after treatment will vary according to the degree of discoloration present and the natural shade of your tooth. Still, overall you’ll experience shades lighter within the first visit.

What post-instructions will I need after my teeth whitening treatment?

You may feel some tooth sensitivity after the treatment and may be instructed to avoid colored beverages for at least a full day to prevent staining. Depending on your desires for whiter teeth, Dr. Karl may also send you with an at-home whitening treatment for further use. Contact St. Clair Dental today if you wish to schedule an appointment with Dr. Karl.