Granbury Post-Op Questions

Dr. Karl aims to give the most comprehensive care for her patients, and that including giving her patients a set of post-operative instructions for before, during, and after treatments. By following these instructions, it can help prevent infections at surgical sites, protect restorations, and minimize complications. While the instructions will vary, Dr. Karl and her team at St. Clair Dental will be able to answer any questions and respond to any concerns you may have about the procedure.

When anticipating your procedure, you may have questions about certain post-operative care instructions prior. Don’t worry – these questions are perfectly rational and normal, and any of our staff members can help ease your mind when you call us or visit us at your convenience. That’s because, at our practice, people matter first. With Dr. Karl, you are in good hands.

Post-Op Questions

We experience many questions, with some of the most common including:

  • How can I manage pain after my procedure?

  • How long will I experience this discomfort?

  • Do I need special dietary guidelines before treatment?

  • Can I drink through a straw?

  • Will my medications impact my treatment?

  • Can I drive home by myself after the procedure?

  • Will I be prescribed new antibiotics for after the treatment?

  • When will my permanent restorations be ready for me?

  • How do I care for my dentures, implants, crowns, etc.?

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I talk to Dr. Karl about my post-operative care?

Dr. Karl can be contacted at either 817-910-2880, or at during the office hours. See our contact us page for more information.

What should I expect from Dr. Karl?

Dr. Karl has over 15 years of experience as a general dentist and doctor of dental surgery, and she educates herself on the latest in dentistry by taking CE courses, keeping up with the top dental journals in the country, and always aims to improve her dentistry at every turn. She also understands what family life means, and enjoys her life through road trips, cooking, and reading.

How can I make this process easier for me?

Think about what your concerns truly are, focus on whatever fears you may have, and jot down those questions. We will always be ready to answer whatever questions you may have and will answer them to the best of our ability.