Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants

St. Clair Dental not only treats adults but is also a kid-friendly office, so one of our main priorities is to focus on preventative care for children. By using preventative methods, we can help your child grow and avoid any negative experiences with the dentist, which is why we offer dental sealants the best form of preventative dentistry. Dental sealants help seal the deep ridges of a child’s teeth to prevent plaque, food particles, and bacteria from getting trapped in those ridges. These ridges are so deep that they’re particularly tricky to clean, even by regular oral hygiene standards. Dr. Karl believes in dental sealants as a preventative measure, and by using dental sealants, it not only prevents kids from experiencing cavity pains but gives parents peace of mind.

Did you know…

Dental sealants can be durable as long as ten years? Sealants can be applied to children as young as six years old when their first primary molars begin to form. Dental sealants provide a protective layer in and along the grooves and crevices of the molars and have been clinically shown to prevent cavities and tooth decay up to 80% during the first two years and 50% up to four years. They eliminate the need for invasive treatments such as root canals and tooth extractions, and applying them is painless and straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will dental sealants affect my child’s teeth?

Because the sealants bond directly to the teeth, the sealant hardens to either a clear or tooth-colored coating. Most children will quickly adapt to the presence of the sealant, although it may feel weird at first. You may even find your child exploring the sealant with their tongue for the first few days. If you have any concerns about dental sealants, Dr. Karl will be happy to answer them.

What will my child experience during the procedure?

The most your child will be the warmth of the sealant as it bonds to the tooth’s surface, but no more. Dental sealants are painless, and during the procedure, Dr. Karl will first clean your child’s teeth and gums before applying the sealants to prevent any bacteria from sealed into the molars. Once applied, the sealant will immediately harden and act as a barrier between the bacteria and the molar of the tooth.

Can dental sealants prevent all cavities?

Dental sealants are a preventative measure, meaning that while it’s highly effective at preventing cavities, it does not replace good oral hygiene. Make sure you reinforce brushing and flossing and keeping a regular, balanced diet low in sugar will assure excellent, long-term oral care for your child.