Dentures have always been a trusted source for replacing missing teeth; they’re affordable, effective, and removable. At St. Clair Dental, Dr. Karl gets asked numerous questions about dentures and whether they would be able to suit their needs. Dentures are custom-fit solutions to tooth problems, and depending on the patient’s lifestyle, dentures can provide the functionality and appearance needed to give a dazzling smile. Dentures are typically made out of durable plastic resin and sometimes porcelain, and can appear as either partials or full dentures. They’re crafted for maximum comfort and fracture resistance, giving people the confidence needed to speak freely.

Did you know…

Ten percent of people miss all of their teeth and require a prosthetic solution, such as dentures, to restore their smile. Dentures are the most popular prosthetic solutions, as approximately 35 million Americans currently wear either partial or full dentures. Dentures, whether temporary, partial, or full, can replace teeth in a non-invasive way, avoiding all surgical elements and giving a quick and easy solution. The only challenges presented with dentures are its ability to become loose when speaking or eating, which, thanks to modern technology, are being designed to become more fitted and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for dentures?

People looking for an alternative and affordable solution to their missing teeth can qualify for dentures, as they can be designed and custom-fitted to your needs. Some alternative options even include implant dentures, combining the benefits of implants with the ease of dentures. To find out if you are a candidate for dentures, please contact Dr. Karl today and schedule a consultation.

How do I get fitted for dentures?

First, Dr. Karl will need to remove any decaying and damaged teeth from the area you wish to get dentures for and will take either alginate or digital impression of your remaining gums. The denture mold will be sent to the dental lab for fabrication, and during that time, you will need to take medication and take time to heal from the tooth extractions. Once the dentures arrive, you will receive a final fitting that will give you back your smile.

What special instructions will I need for dentures?

Dentures have to be cleaned daily to prevent bacteria from growing on the dentures. You will also need to brush your gums to prevent infections and keep the dentures in water when not used to prevent warping. Wearing dentures will take some time to adjust to, but overall, you’ll feel more comfortable with your full prosthetic set. If you want to understand more about dentures, contact Dr. Karl at St. Clair Dental to schedule a consultation today.