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Why Do I Have a Hard Bony Lump on My Gum?

Do you have a hard, bony lump along your gum line? If you do, we understand how terrifying it can be to experience something unusual. However, bony bumps along the gumline aren’t a cause for concern, as your dentist or oral surgeon can inspect your gums, diagnose them, and offer the best treatment for your condition. But why do bony protrusions occur along the gum line? In this article, we’ll go over the possible causes and provide ways to help you treat it. 

Why Do Hard Bony Lumps Occur On Your Gums? Here are Some Potential Causes:

Bony growths are referred to as osteomas or exostosis; these lumps can occur from some form of bone irritation, chronic bone injury, or even occur after a tooth extraction/surgery! However, it’s important to reach out to your dentist to get a proper diagnosis, as they will be the best available resource for treatment, especially if you are experiencing pain, swelling, and irritation along your gumline. Here are some of the most common causes of bony lumps along the gumline: 

  • Cysts: These are small, raised bumps that appear red, purplish, or slightly gray, and these bubble pockets contain clear liquid, air, and other materials that can become painful if not treated. They’re typically caused by unusual tooth positions, decaying teeth, and overall poor dental hygiene. 
  • Canker Sores: Unlike cold sores, these ulcers are often found along the mouth’s surface, including the gums. They appear white or yellow with a red border, can be severely tender, and may have raised bumps. While they can go away over time, your dentist can provide medication to help relieve any pain you experience.
  • Dental Abscesses: Unlike canker sores and cysts, these are pockets that are caused by bacterial infections, and as small collections of pus, they feel warm and painful and need to be treated by a dentist or oral surgeon, as the infection can spread to the adjacent teeth or other gum areas.
  • Fibromas: Fibromas can be terrifying at first, as they feel like tumor-like bumps that get irritated easily along the gum tissues. They are the most common hard lumps found in the mouth, but luckily these are noncancerous growths and are usually painless. They can appear after the mouth’s been injured or irritated and can occur after surgery. 
  • Mandibular Torus: These are hard, bony growths that typically form along the jawline but can also appear along the gumline or along the palate. While these growths are harmless, they can get treated if they interfere with chewing, speaking, and other functions. They grow slowly and feel hard and smooth to the touch. 
  • Pyogenic Granulomas: These red bumps can develop inside the mouth and can become swollen and bleed easily. While many dentists aren’t certain about what causes them, they can be surgically removed. 

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