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Top 5 Most Popular Dental Myths

With dentistry, there is a fair share of many myths and misconceptions. These myths are often spread by word of mouth; these myths tend to run rampant, often ruining people’s experiences with dentistry and even sometimes causing dental phobias to occur. Here, we have decided to present some of a few most common dental myths we come across while working at our practice, and hope to share them here.

Visiting Your Dentist Isn’t Always Required

The caveat to this myth is the belief that if your teeth are relatively healthy, then visiting the dentist isn’t necessary. We’re here to say that’s false! That’s because the majority of our dental care is primarily about preventative care, which includes the annual checkups, the x-rays, and treatments such as dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Preventative treatments are also the most covered by dental insurance, as preventative dentistry focuses highly on staying healthy through proper dental care.

Root Canals Are Violent and Painful

Root canals are often performed under local anesthesia, which removes the painful aspect of removing the root from the tooth. Root canals are also often performed with precise equipment that focuses on drilling in small areas and using extraction tools to remove the tooth’s pulp. There should only be some discomfort at most, but not extreme pain, nor any violent drilling motions.

If your Gums Bleed, Stop Flossing

If you experience some bleeding while flossing your teeth, then that means you should keep doing it, not stop! Healthy teeth often require daily maintenance, and when you don’t floss, plaque and food particles will build up in between the teeth, causing gum disease and cavities to form. So, if you’ve been lackadaisical about flossing, then keep doing it until your teeth and gums get used to the routine.

Baby Teeth Don’t Affect Adult Teeth

The idea that baby teeth don’t affect adult teeth’ growth and development isn’t true at all! Baby teeth have a primary role in determining how your permanent teeth come in, and if any loose or misaligned teeth come in, it means more than ever that they should see a dentist or orthodontist about their teeth!

Sugar-Free Gum Replaces Brushing Your Teeth

No, it doesn’t. While sugar-free gum can remove bacteria, food particles, and plaque from the mouth, it does not remove everything. It can only work so far, and even if you chew gum every day, it’s quite limited in its ability to clean your teeth. Brushing and flossing are the only real ways to take care of your teeth at home. Use sugar-free gum as a recreational activity, not as part of your oral care routine.

These five common myths often circulate, and we’ve heard plenty more than mentioned here. To learn about effective oral care and get your annual checkup, contact Dr. Maureen Karl at St. Claire Dental in Granbury, TX, for an appointment, because we believe that through proper preventative care, people can have happier, healthier smiles and fulfilling lives.

Maureen Karl, DDS, FAGD
As a graduate of the University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine in 2004, Dr. Maureen Karl continues to hone her craft through continuing education. Dental patients throughout the Granbury, TX area know they can rely on our practice for skilled dental care using the latest practices.