Innovations in Dental Technology

The concept of going to the dentist has been an unappealing prospect in the public mind for generations. There was something about being placed under a blinding light and having an assortment of tools that share characteristics with medieval torture devices set people on edge. In spite of these feelings, dental health has always been an important concern for a full and healthy life. Thankfully ongoing advances made in dental technology have made it possible to improve dental care by reducing discomfort, decreasing treatment time, and increasing the reliability of results.

Advances That Have Changed The Face of Dental Care

Advances in dental technology come in many forms, from new ways of caring for your dental hygiene at home to completely revolutionizing how we restore smiles. We’ve learned new truths about oral health that have allowed us to provide better information on caring for it and preventing concerns like periodontal disease. Let’s explore some of these changes and how they’ve improved dental care options.

  • Smart Toothbrushes – With everything becoming integrated into the Internet of Things, it’s no surprise that the humble toothbrush has joined the ranks. Apps connected to your toothbrush make it possible to monitor your brushing habits and ensure you’re doing a thorough job and brushing long enough.
  • Digital Dentures – In the past, the creation of dentures was a long and messy process involving multiple specialists and a fair amount of time. Gone are the messy casts used to get impressions to work from; now, the design of your dentures can be based on a set of digital impressions that are highly precise. In-office manufacturing means they don’t have to send them out to a lab and can sometimes get them to you in a single visit.
  • Augmented Reality – Primarily used in video games, augmented reality systems are starting to find their way into training facilities. By operating on virtually simulated teeth using realistic tools, dental students are better prepared to perform real procedures. They also serve as excellent practice for dentists wanting to make sure they get a procedure right.
  • Teledentistry – There are many reasons why a patient may not be able to visit a dental office for a traditional visit. Teledentistry makes receiving dental care possible for these patients without leaving their homes. While this is presently limited to photos, examinations, and consultations, who knows what the future may hold for this form of technology?
  • Intra-Oral Camera – For many years, dentists had to rely on those little hand mirrors and x-rays to get a clear view of the inside of your mouth. The introduction of intra-oral cameras has changed this. Now they can see every aspect of your mouth and identify problems that may have gone unidentified before.

These represent a small selection of the most prominent advances in dental technology that have led to improved dental care for everyone. Dr. Maureen Karl at St. Clair Dental makes a point of staying abreast of the latest information and technologies so they can continue to provide the highest level of care for patients in Granbury, TX. Call today to schedule an appointment!

Maureen Karl, DDS, FAGD
As a graduate of the University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine in 2004, Dr. Maureen Karl continues to hone her craft through continuing education. Dental patients throughout the Granbury, TX area know they can rely on our practice for skilled dental care using the latest practices.