Array of Foods Healthy For Teeth

Foods That Naturally Contain Fluoride

Fluoride plays a vital role in maintaining optimal dental health. It strengthens your tooth enamel and makes it more resistant to tooth decay and cavities. While many people associate fluoride with dental treatments and toothpaste, fluoride can also be found in some foods. As naturally beneficial, eating foods that contain fluoride can help benefit your oral health. At St. Clair Dental PLLC, we help your smile by naturally supporting your oral health. Our comprehensive list of fluoride-rich foods can help you care for your enamel and keep your teeth healthy. 

List of Foods That Naturally Contain Fluoride

Fluoride does wonderful things for your oral health; it strengthens your tooth enamel, prevents tooth decay, helps alleviate tooth sensitivity, and even reverses the early stages of tooth decay, known as demineralization. If you’re looking for a great way to get fluoride, why not eat healthy, delicious food? Here are some of the best foods that naturally contain fluoride: 

  • Tea: Tea, including green and black tea, is a fantastic source of naturally occurring fluoride. Tea plants absorb fluoride from the soil, and studies have shown that tea consumption can help increase your fluoride intake, strengthening your tooth enamel and reducing your risk of tooth decay. Herbal teas, however, do not contain fluoride. 
  • Fish: Some types of fish contain varying amounts of fluoride. Canned sardines and salmon contain an excellent source of fluoride. This is because these fish accumulate fluoride in their bones as they develop, and therefore can provide a significant boost to your fluoride intake when eaten. 
  • Grapes: Black and red grapes naturally contain fluoride due to their high exposure to fluoride-rich soil during growth. Eating grapes can help increase your fluoride as a nutritious snack, and red wine can also be added as an occasional treat.
  • Spinach: Spinach is considered one of the best leafy green vegetables to eat as they’re not only rich in vitamins and minerals but also contain fluoride. Eating spinach as a salad, adding it to your smoothies, or cooking it with other dishes are some great ways to add this leafy green to your diet. 
  • Apples: Apples are not only fresh and delicious but are also a natural source of fluoride. Fluoride is often found in the skin of the apple, so make sure that when you are eating apples, you eat the skins with them for maximum benefits. 
  • Potatoes: Potatoes, especially those consumed with their skins, contain small amounts of fluoride. Fluoride can be found in the skin of the potatoes, so try baking or roasting potatoes with the skins attached to take advantage of their nutrition. 

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Incorporating fluoride into your diet can be a great way to naturally support your dental health alongside brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist. At St. Clair Dental PLLC, we encourage people to take a well-rounded approach to their dental care, and learning about vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients can be an excellent way to achieve a healthy, vibrant smile. For more information about our services and treatments, contact our office in Granbury, TX, by calling (817) 910-2880 to visit Dr. Maureen Karl today.

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